Cheng Hsin General Hospital’s Heart Team won the SNQ (Safety and Quality Taiwan) Recognition

Cardiac surgery and remote post-operative  monitoring

The accomplishments of the Heart Team at Cheng-Hsin Hospital are note-worthy. Their expertise in compound heart surgery and heart transplants has gained a prominent reputation both locally and globally, attracting patients from all over the world. The success rate of their transcatheter minimally invasive valve surgery is also notable, with nearly 900 operations completed as of March 2023 and at that time they also have successfully completed more than 600 heart transplants in patients ranging in age from 3 to 75, one of whom survived over 30 years, subsequent to their operation. The team’s dedication to quality is reflected in their being awarded the SNQ National Quality Mark Award for their project on “Minimally Invasive Transcatheter Valve Surgery under Heart Team Cooperation” in 2021. The team’s achievements and contributions to the field of heart surgery are truly commendable.

The remote post-operative monitoring center sounds is a valuable resource for patients and surgeons. By providing 24-hour access to monitoring and interpretation services, patients can receive timely intervention and medical assistance, which can be crucial in emergency situations. This can help to reduce the mortality rate of patients with heart-related diseases. Potential patients will be glad to hear that our hospital has a closely-knit and successful supervisory team, which suggests that we are committed to providing high-quality care and support for our patients.

It’s commendable that Cheng-Hsin Hospital is adopting innovative and collaborative approaches to treating complex cardiovascular diseases. The Shared Decision Making (SDM) approach can help patients and their families to understand the potential benefits and risks of different treatment options, which can be especially important for high-risk procedures like CHIP.

Using ECMO before the operation, followed by PCI, is a novel approach that can reduce the risks associated with high-risk cardiac catheterization procedures. This treatment has been successful in many patients, and that they have been safely discharged from the hospital.

Overall, our Hospital is doing some excellent work in the field of cardiovascular medicine, and is providing patients with advanced treatments and high-quality care.