Our hospital held the CHENG HSIN Live 2022 international virtual conference, where Dr. Wei Jeng, our hospital president, will perform a high-difficulty aortic demonstration surgery

The Cheng Hsin Live 2022 International Video Conference will be held on December 2-3, 2022. The conference will focus on two main themes: complex and high-risk coronary intervention therapy (CHIP) and aortic valve and aortic root surgery (Aorta/Valve). The conference will feature top cardiac experts from around the world, including Dr. Sunao Nakamura from the New Tokyo Hospital in Japan, Dr. Takashi Kubo, and Dr. Keith Dawkins from Japan. Professor Sunao Nakamura from Japan specially came to Taiwan to attend the conference, adding a lot of brilliance to the event. Meanwhile, Dr. Yan Wang, the Director of Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital, and his cardiac medical team participated in the conference and had surgical demonstrations. In addition, many experts and scholars from China were invited to share their experiences, including Professor Haibo Zhang from Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Professor Jian Yang from Xi’an Xijing Hospital, and top cardiac experts from various hospitals in Taiwan, such as Dr. Wu Chiung-Jen, the convener of Cardiology at Xiamen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Vice President Jun-Che Shih of Wan Fang Hospital, Professor Jung-Bin Hsu of National Taiwan University Hospital, Professor Yi-Ting Tsai of Tri-Service General Hospital, and Director Shih-Jung Hsieh of the Cardiovascular Center at Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, etc.

Director Wei Jeng expressed his sincere welcome to experts from home and abroad to participate in the event. The theme of the conference focused on complex and high-risk indicated procedure/patients (CHIP) for coronary intervention therapy and aortic valve and aortic root surgery (Aorta/Valve). On the first day of December 2, the conference focused on the topic of “aggressive coronary intervention therapy,” with a total of 11 complex and high-risk coronary intervention therapy surgeries broadcasted, including 9 cases from our hospital and 2 cases from Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital. Among them, our hospital used the newly introduced Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) for surgical treatment of calcified coronary artery disease, which is a very new technology in Taiwan and attracted many cardiovascular medical colleagues to watch and discuss online. The Aorta/Valve conference on December 3 focused on post-TAVR coronary intervention, transcatheter mitral valve replacement, and peri-valvular leakage closure, and Director Wei Jeng personally demonstrate the Live Demo David surgery. Through comprehensive discussions, the goal of fully exchanging ideas among participants was achieved.

In this surgery, Director Wei Jeng demonstrated a highly complex root reconstruction procedure to preserve the aorta. The patient was a 55-year-old male with a history of heart disease. His aortic valve was not able to close completely that caused aortic regurgitation. Recently, he experienced symptoms of palpitation and difficulty breathing. Examination revealed that the aortic root had expanded more than 5 centimeters (normal range is 2-3 centimeters), posing a highly lethal risk of rupture. Director Wei performed the David procedure to repair the aortic valve and preserve the patient’s own valve, thus avoiding the use of an artificial valve replacement. He then proceeded to operate on the aortic root, arch, and arrhythmia. Despite the extremely high difficulty of the surgery and the high risk of postoperative complications according to medical reports, Director Wei’s exquisite surgical skills and the perfect coordination of the heart team enabled the successful completion of this difficult surgery. The patient was able to get out of bed for pulmonary breathing training the next day and made a good recovery.

The heart team of our hospital is led by Director Wei Jeng and includes Vice Director Wei-Hsian Yin, Director Chang-Yi Chang of the Cardiology Center, Director Tien-Ping Tsao of the Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Department, Director Kuo-Chen Lee of the Cardiac Intensive Care Center, Director Hou-Sheng Yang of the Cardiac Reconstruction Department, Director I-Chen Chen of the Medical Imaging Department, as well as physicians from the internal and external departments, such as Jiann-Jong Wang, Hsu-Lung Jen, Kuan-Chun Chen, Jian-Long Huang, Jian-Ming Huang, Wen-Bin Huang, I-Fan Liu, Yao-Chang Wang, Yu-Cheng Kao, Hao-Neng Fu, Hsin-I Teng, Yung-Tsai Lee, and Huan-Chiu Lin, etc. In addition, members of the cardiac team, such as Dr. Ming-Chen Xiong from the Cardiac Ultrasound Department, jointly participated in the surgery, demonstrating their expertise and dedication. During the two-day conference, the cardiac team of our hospital showcased their rich surgical experience and superb skills, successfully and safely completing all cases. The conference content was practical and informative, and all attendees benefited greatly from it, receiving unanimous praise from the experts present. We look forward to meeting again next year.