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About Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Cheng Hsin General Hospital is located in Tianmu, the most gorgeous neighborhood along Huangxi Creekside within Taipei City. The hospital is noted for its un-hospital-like layout; upon arrival, its visitors are greeted by the beautifully landscaped gardens full of lush green grass, fragrant blooming flowers, and lively singing birds. Nothing resembles the cold, gloomy, and crowded space typical of a hospital, always filled with the odour of disinfectant.

For the past fifty-old years, Cheng Hsin has established itself as one of the choicest healthcare organizations in Taiwan. The Hospital has been known for its capacity for providing the public with high-quality medical services and for its discreet, sensitive, and humane approaches to healthcare. We believe that the role of an ideal hospital is no mere supplier of cures for injuries or diseases – this is where Cheng Hsin Health Management Centre comes in. The Hospital also aims to safeguard our clients from any real harm or damage to their health, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Heart Team led by Professor Wei Jeng is undoubtedly “the trademark” of Cheng Hsin and has long been internationally recognized as an assembly of top-notch cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. For our clients at risk of cardiovascular disease, the Heart Team has designed a special set of thorough check-up, combined with 24/7 tele-health monitoring services, to guarantee that future medical interventions, whenever required, will be more prompt and successfully performed.

Moreover, as a leading General Hospital in Taiwan, Cheng Hsin also offers comprehensive medical care by a strong team of physicians specialized across multiple fields. This enables clients to access a full range of medical services and provides the opportunity to consult with specialists regarding their individual health and disease concerns so that they receive the most comprehensive and professional medical care. At Cheng Hsin, you will find medical solutions not available elsewhere.

Cheng Hsin International Medical Services assist individuals from other countries who are seeking care at Cheng Hsin. Our staff coordinates all aspects of your visit to our hospital and clinics and is committed to making your family as comfortable as possible during your stay. Each patient receives care in an environment that respects diverse cultural traditions and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide you with a level of customer service that matches the world-class medical treatment your child will receive.

Additional Services

In addition to coordinating care with world-class physicians and state-of-the-art medical technology, our patient liaisons can assist you with the following:

  1. Coordinating interpreters and translation services.
  2. Arranging international communications with physicians and family.
  3. Providing information on short- and long-term accommodations.
  4. Identifying resources for spiritual or religious guidance.

* Please note that International Medical Services does not provide medical advice over the phone or by email.

Online Second Opinion Service

Cheng Hsin offers an online second opinion service.
For more information, please email : chf107141@chgh.org.tw
Phone : +886-928-593-009

Online Second Opinion Service

Cheng Hsin offers an online second opinion service. For more information,
please email : chf107141@chgh.org.tw
Phone : +886-928-593-009