Pioneering cardiac surgeon Wei Jeng publishes book to educate public on heart health

One of Taiwan’s top authorities on cardio health, Dr. Wei Jeng, has written a book to educate the general public on the workings of that most crucial organ, the heart.

Cardio problems are the cause of almost a third of deaths worldwide. Today at a launch for the new book, Wei received a surprise visit from a patient whose life was saved thanks to the surgery he performed decades ago, giving the book’s launch a deeply personal significance. At the launch of Wei Jeng’s new book on heart health today, a very special surprise guest appeared.Twenty-six years ago, Wei carried out a successful heart transplant for this lady. He struggled to hold back tears as he met her again, despite the fact that over the course of his 40-year career, he’s saved the lives of countless patients.In 1987, Wei completed a successful transplant in just 58 minutes. The previous four attempts at heart transplants in Taiwan had all failed. Since then, Wei has continuously set new records and pushed the boundaries of cardiac surgery, such as completing the first artificial heart implementation and the first autologous heart transplant, as well as promoting the “reverse CPR” technique. But he has even greater aspirations.

Wei Jeng Cheng Hsin Heart Center Director I hope that I can explain the heart fully to the public, with my book or in a lecture.In the midst of his busy working life, he’s found the time to write his new book with the hope of giving the public correct information about how the heart works.Wei Jeng Cheng Hsin Heart Center Director. I’m 67 now. As long as I still feel up to it, of course I’ll keep on working. It’s not for any special ambition. You should just do what you’re supposed to do to serve society.Wei still has no plans to retire. Rather he hopes to continue leading Taiwan’s cardiac surgery to even greater heights.