Our hospital held the CHENG HSIN LIVE 2021 international conference, focusing on aortic surgery and complex high-risk coronary artery intervention treatment

On December 3-4, 2021, our hospital held the CHENG HSIN LIVE 2021 international conference, inviting top cardiovascular experts from domestic and international institutions to participate. This conference was held online, with panel discussions focusing on two main topics: Thoraco-abdominal Aortic Surgery and Complex High-risk Indicated Patient (CHIP) coronary artery intervention treatment.

Dean Wei Jeng expressed his pleasure to discuss and exchange ideas with cardiovascular experts from Europe, the Americas, Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan at this year’s conference. Although the conference was held online due to the pandemic, it was not limited by venue capacity and even attracted more viewers and discussions. The conference was divided into two days, with multiple lectures and surgical demonstrations, focusing on aortic diseases. Many cardiovascular experts from Brazil, Japan, Italy, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan put forward various treatment plans and opinions on aortic aneurysm treatment.

In addition, complex high-risk coronary artery intervention treatment is also a topic of international concern. For patients with high surgical risks and complex cardiovascular diseases, surgical and treatment decisions were made after discussions with both cardiovascular surgeons and patients and their families. The procedure involved the installation of an ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) support system by cardiovascular surgeons, followed by coronary artery intervention surgery by cardiovascular internal medicine specialists, allowing these especially complex and high-risk catheter interventions to be completed smoothly. After the surgery, if the condition is stable, the ECMO is immediately removed, greatly reducing the incidence of ECMO-related complications.

On December 3, the CHIP meeting was co-hosted by the Taiwan Society of Interventional Cardiology and the First Hospital of Lanzhou University. Multiple lectures and catheter surgery demonstrations focusing on complex high-risk coronary artery intervention treatment were arranged, including special speeches by Dr. Satoru Mitomo and Dr. Takashi Kubo from Japan, and Deputy Dean Bai Ming from the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, and 12 surgical demonstrations were completed. One patient had a complex condition, and due to the high surgical risk, Dr. Tsao Tien Ping from the department of cardiology performed the operation. Before the surgery, Dr. Lin Bing Yi from the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery installed the ECMO support system, and then Dr. Tsao performed the coronary artery intervention surgery. The surgery was completed successfully. Through the conference discussions and the broadcast of various catheter surgeries on site, experts and scholars could exchange different experiences, making the conference program rich and exciting.

On December 4, 2021, the thoraco-abdominal aortic disease conference focused on the different surgical methods for aortic aneurysms and featured speeches by cardiologic experts such as Dr.Marcelo Ferreira from Brazil, Dr. SusumuOshima from Japan, Dr. Germano Melissano from Italy, Dr. Chan Kwong Shun from Hong Kong, 、Dr. Kong Min Jian from The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Dr. Wang Chuan from Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Professor Cai Yiting from the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Director Chen Zhe-shen from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Director Tsai Chung-lin from the Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Dr. Chen Yi-ming from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and Director Ruan Jun-neng from the National Cheng Kung University Hospital. The conference also included online discussions with domestic and foreign heart experts, including Dr. Sunao Nakamura from Japan, Professor Hsieh I-Chang, the chairman of the Taiwan Society of Interventional Cardiology, and several directors and professors from hospitals in Taiwan. Cheng Hsin’s heart team was led by President Wei Jeng and included Vice President Yin Wei-Hsian, Director Chang Chung-Yi from the Heart Center, Director Chuang Yi-Cheng from the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Director Tsao Tien-Ping from the Cardiovascular Medicine Department, Director Lee Kuo-Chen from the Cardiac Intensive Care Center, Director Yang Hou-Sheng from the Cardiac Reconstruction Department, Director Chen I-Chen from the Medical Imaging Department, and several physicians and team members, who all participated in the conference and surgeries. The two-day conference showcased Cheng Hsin’s rich surgical experience and superb techniques, with all cases safely and successfully completed.

On December 3rd to 4th, 2021, our hospital held the CHENG HSIN LIVE 2021 International Conference, exchanging ideas with cardiovascular experts worldwide through video conferencing and surgical demonstrations. Led by President Wei Jeng (upper left), our cardiovascular surgery team, including Vice President Yin Wei Hsian, Director Chang Chung Yi of the Cardiovascular Medicine Center, Director Chuang Yi Cheng of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Director Tsao Tien Ping of the Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Department, Director Li Kuo Chen of the Cardiovascular ICU, Director Yang Hou Sheng of the Cardiovascular Reconstruction Department, and Director Chen I Chen of the Medical Audio-Visual Room, all made excellent contributions to the conference and broadcasting work. The conference was a great success.

This CHENG HSIN LIVE 2021 conference included multiple demonstrations of complex and high-risk interventional procedures. The picture shows Dr. Tsao Tien Ping, director of the Department of Cardiology, performing a coronary artery intervention procedure with the support of an ECMO machine.

Our hospital’s heart team participated in the CHENG HSIN LIVE 2021 video conference and live broadcast, demonstrating outstanding performance.