Choose the right hospital for Heart problem-Thank you Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Dear Cheng Hsin General Hospital,

It has been three months since my Dad’s successful Aortic value replacement and double bypass surgery. I just wanted to update you that he is diligent in taking his maintenance medicines and doing his daily exercises. He is getting better day by day. Thank you.

It has been a long journey since our first visit to Cheng Shin Hospital in Taiwan last January 2020. Our initial plan was to come back to Taiwan from the Philippines for my dad’s surgery around April 2020, but COVID-19 happened. Everything was put on hold and we did not know if my dad’s surgery would push through in Taiwan. In spite of the uncertainty, we were updated regularly regarding the entry policies of Taiwan by the international coordinator Ms. Sang. We were also able to have two Zoom consultations with Cheng Hsin Director Dr. Wei, our operating surgeon. He was very good in explaining the options and pros and cons of each one. We felt confident after the consultations that we picked the right hospital. When we were informed that Taiwan was accepting Medical Visitors last December 2020 we quickly did all the paperwork, got our Taiwan Visa and flew to Taiwan in just a weeks time.

I really appreciate that Ms. Sang helped us through the paperwork and informed us regarding the entry and quarantine policies. This helped us plan and set our expectations. We felt that she treated us not as a customer but as family.

Once in the hospital, Cheng Hsin Director Dr. Wei and his team visited us the first day, greeted us and answered more of our questions. I am very sure that he is a very busy man and I am very grateful for his time and patience with us. We were very fortunate to have him as our Surgeon as he explained everything very clearly. Once we decided on the direction, the procedure went well and smoothly.

We want to specially thank Ms. Sang and Head Nurse Sanmy, who took good care of us and visited my dad regularly in his room. They made sure my dad did his exercise and made him smile on a daily basis. Head Nurse Sanmy even helped and advised me and my mom on what check-ups and tests to get in order to check our health status while staying in Taiwan. Thanks also to all the nurses on the 11th floor who check up on my dad several times a day.

In spite of COVID-19 and the world turning upside down. We felt comfort during our stay in Cheng Hsin General hospital and Taiwan. Thanks once again to the Cheng Hsin team who treated us as Family.

Cris Giovanni Co Chiong (patient’s Son)