Cheng Hsin General Hospital Marks Over 1000 Transcatheter Valve Replacements

Cheng Hsin General Hospital has surpassed the landmark achievement of conducting over 1000 transcatheter valve replacement surgeries, setting a precedent in Taiwan.

Superintendent Wei Jeng emphasized the dynamic nature of patient conditions during transcatheter valve replacement procedures, highlighting the essential collaboration among cardiovascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, and cardiac imaging specialists. This synergy underscores the Heart Center’s distinguished strength at our hospital.

The hospital is also a beacon for international discourse on valve disease treatments, frequently hosting global conferences and being called upon for live demonstrations, thereby cementing its status as a global leader in transcatheter and surgical valve replacement techniques.

A notable highlight was the successful transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) performed on a third centenarian patient, who, thanks to his robust health and mental clarity, along with national health insurance coverage, faced minimal financial burden for the procedure. He expressed his joy in the simple pleasures of walking around his living room and using chopsticks independently, underscoring the significance of these achievements in his advanced age.

Furthermore, Cheng Hsin General Hospital has been honored with the designation as the “Teaching Center of Excellence for Mitral Valve-in-Valve in the Asia-Pacific Region.” A plaque unveiling at the Year-End Press Conference celebrated this significant accomplishment, marking yet another milestone for Cheng Hsin General Hospital.