Cheng Hsin General Hospital Awarded Inaugural Golden Award Plus for Heart Failure Care by the American Heart Association.

Heart failure, a critical condition affecting 26 million people worldwide—including over 300,000 in Taiwan—manifests with symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing, and persistent coughing, significantly disrupting patients’ lives and requiring continuous medical care.

At Cheng Hsin General Hospital, our commitment to providing outstanding care for heart failure patients is unwavering. Our specialized team offers comprehensive services, from diagnosis to advanced treatment options like medication therapy and heart transplantation.

Since 2022, we have participated in the American Heart Association’s Get-With-The-Guidelines ASIA program. By engaging in monthly meetings and diligent data collection, we maintain the highest standards of care. Our recent recognition with the Golden Award Plus certification highlights our ongoing dedication to excellence and reinforces our commitment to improving the quality of care for heart failure patients.