Celebrating Superintendent Prof. Wei Jeng: Winner of the 8th International Healthcare Paradigm Award – Individual Category

The International Healthcare Paradigm Award is a prestigious recognition in global healthcare. The Taiwan Global Healthcare Association (TGHA) hosted the 8th award ceremony on November 24, acknowledging the exceptional efforts of healthcare professionals worldwide. This year, three individuals and three groups were honored for their contributions. Superintendent Prof. Wei Jeng of Cheng Hsin General Hospital was among the esteemed recipients. He was recognized for his pioneering work in global cardiac surgery, including performing Vietnam’s first heart transplant and developing Taiwan’s first implantable cardiovascular device approved by the U.S. FDA. His achievements have not only brought Taiwan’s cardiac surgery to international prominence but also positioned him as a leading figure in the field, meriting the prestigious Individual Award.

Recipients of this award, both individuals and groups, are committed to international healthcare services as a long-term, often lifelong, dedication. They spread love and hope globally, playing a vital role in Taiwan’s diplomatic endeavors. Their inspiring stories, full of compelling narratives, deserve to be continually explored and shared to highlight and promote their extraordinary efforts.