Cheng Hsin General Hospital Hosts CHENG HSIN Live 2023 International Conference

The CHENG HSIN Live 2023 International Conference took place on December 8-9, 2023, with a focus on two main topics: Complex and High-Risk Indicated Procedures/Patients (CHIP) and advancements in tricuspid valve therapies.

World-renowned cardiac specialists, including Dr. Sunao Nakamura from New Tokyo Hospital, Japan, Dr. Takashi Kubo, Dr. Keita Saku, also from Japan, Dr. Jonathan Sung from Hong Kong, Professor Ye Jian from Canada, and Professor Rebecca T. Hahn from Columbia University, USA, converged at the event. Notably, Professor Ye Jian made the journey from Canada to Taiwan to lead case discussions, offering invaluable clinical insights. Professor Sunao Nakamura also arrived from Japan to showcase interventional techniques, enhancing the conference’s appeal.

Dr. Wang Yan, Director of Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital, along with his cardiac team, participated, presenting live case demonstrations. Experts and academics from China were also invited to share their expertise.

Prof. Wei Jeng extended heartfelt thanks to all the international and local experts for their contributions. The conference on December 8 spotlighted “aggressive coronary intervention therapy,” showcasing 13 complex and high-risk coronary intervention surgeries, including 10 from Cheng Hsin General Hospital and 3 from Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital. Innovations such as the left ventricular assist device (Impella) and Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) for treating calcified coronary artery diseases were introduced by Cheng Hsin General Hospital, drawing significant interest and discussion among the cardiovascular medical community online.

The focus on December 9 shifted to structural heart diseases, especially the latest in tricuspid valve treatments. The day included three case discussions from Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital, and Taipei Veterans General Hospital, with keynote speeches delving into tricuspid valve replacement and repair. Traditionally, tricuspid valve conditions were less emphasized, often treated with medication and surgical interventions reserved for critical cases. Cheng Hsin General Hospital is committed to leading research and dialogue on tricuspid valve treatments to improve clinical outcomes and success rates.

The cardiac team at Cheng Hsin General Hospital demonstrated their extensive surgical expertise and skills, ensuring the safe completion of all procedures. The conference was lauded for its practical and educational content, earning high praise from participants who look forward to future events.