Cheng Hsin General Hospital Hosts the 2023 Taipei Valve Summit: Gathering Experts from 15 Countries to Exchange Insights

Cheng Hsin General Hospital hosted the “2023 Taipei Valve Summit” from June 9th to 11th, 2023. The summit brought together cardiac authorities from 15 countries to exchange insights. During the summit, valve experts and scholars from around the world gathered to discuss the latest advancements and innovations in the field of valvular heart diseases.

Renowned experts such as Jian Ye (Canada), David Wood (Canada), Karl Poon (Australia), Kentaro Hayashida (Japan), Michael Reardon (USA), Arik Finkelstein (Israel), Eberhard Grube (Germany), Gilbert Tang (USA), Hasan Jilaihawi (USA), and Bernard Prendergast (UK) participated in discussions, sharing experiences and research findings.

The conference focused on significant topics including the complications associated with TAVR, the diverse applications of TAVR across various medical conditions, and lifelong disease management for patients with valve diseases.

The summit concluded successfully, thanks to the active participation and support of all attendees. By sharing clinical experiences and research outcomes, the Taipei Valve Summit provided a crucial platform for the advancement of valve treatment, fostering international exchange and collaboration. It also made a significant contribution to improving patient treatment outcomes and quality of life.