2024 Cross-Cultural Nursing Exchange: Buntain College of Nursing, Northwest University Visits Cheng Hsin General Hospital

On January 15, 2024, Professor Danette Ver Woert and Kursten Patrick, accompanied by six fourth-year nursing students from the Buntain College of Nursing at Northwest University in Seattle, commenced an 18-day cross-cultural nursing internship at Cheng Hsin General Hospital.

Throughout their stay, the group was profoundly impacted by the unique aspects of Cheng Hsin Hospital’s Medical services. Notably, the Heart Center’s use of network transmission technology to show live cardiac surgery was particularly impressive. Other highlights included the cardiac rehabilitation programs and personalized electrocardiogram experiences offered at the Telehealth Center, showcasing the hospital’s advanced cardiac care.

Additionally, the sophisticated equipment and medical technology in the Department of Otolaryngology, the efficient processes of the Pharmacy Department, and the integrated care approaches in the Nephrology and Rehabilitation Medicine Departments further demonstrated the hospital’s comprehensive healthcare capabilities.

In terms of clinical nursing practice, the students rotated through various departments, mentored by clinical nursing instructors. Despite their busy schedules, hospital staff dedicated time to share their practical care experiences with the visiting faculty and students, promoting a culture of mutual learning and professional development.

Beyond their clinical experiences, the visitors embraced Taiwanese culture and lifestyle, exploring local attractions such as the Maokong Tea Garden, Taipei 101, Beitou Hot Springs, and Junjianyan for hiking. They also enjoyed local cuisine at the Shilin Night Market.

At the farewell appreciation banquet, participants exchanged gifts and expressed their heartfelt thanks and reluctance to leave, underlining the deep connections formed during the visit. Both institutions reaffirmed their commitment to ongoing cross-cultural nursing exchanges, fostering continued sharing and growth.